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    Fusion Middleware Courses
    Oracle Data Integrator – Administration & Development
    Software Version 10g (10.1.3)
    Course Duration 5 days or 40 Hours Approx.
    Course Type Class Room and On-Line (E-Learning) Instructor-Led Hands-On Training
    Course Overview

    This course covers the concepts of Oracle Service Oriented Architecture; Active integration platform architecture, Data integrator Topololgy Concepts, defining schema objects, manage projects, develop interfaces and other objects and integration with SOA.

    Intended Audience for this course This course is designed for those who have technical background, knowledge with any computer language, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Developers, DBAs, IT management and Staff, Business Analysts, Data Warehouse Analysts, Technical Consultants or Administrators, Students and also those who want to become Oracle Applications Consultants
    Course Topics
    • Oracle Data Integrator Architecture
    • Components
    • Graphical Modules
    • Metadata Navigator
    Topology Concepts
    • Topology Overview
    • Data Servers and Physical Schemas
    • Physical Schema
    • Properties
    • Creating a Data Server
    • Examples of Drivers and URLs
    • Defining Contexts
    • Declaring Logical Schemas and Agents
    • Project Overview
    • Setting Up Project
    • Introduction to Folders
    • Knowledge Module
    • Exporting and Importing
    Releasing Projects
    • Introduction to Projects Scenario
    • Properties
    • Managing Scenarios
    • Generation Versus Regeneration
    • Executing a Scenario from the GUI
    • Executing a Scenario from a Project
    • Deployment
    Model Concepts
    • Introduction to Model Concepts
    • Relational Model Support
    • Reverse-Engineering Overview
    • Methods for DBMS Reverse-Engineering
    Enforcing Data Quality
    • Introduction to Data Quality
    • Enforcing Data Quality
    • Business Rules
    Building an Active Integration Hub
    • Introduction to Active Integration Hub
    • Create an AIH
    • Implementing the AIH
    • Data and Events
    Interface Design
    • Creating a One-to-One Interface
    • Datastore Definitions
    • Mapping Overview
    • Mapping Types
    • Sources & Joins
    • Filters
    Executing and Debugging Interfaces
    • Execute an Interface
    • Monitoring Interfaces
    • Viewing Logs, Sessions and Tasks
    • Troubleshooting
    Defining Simple Procedures
    • Procedure Overview
    • Create a New Procedure
    • Commands Overview
    • Parameters
    • Options
    Variables and Sequences
    • Introduction to Variable
    • Action Types
    • Refreshing a Variable with SQL
    • Binding Versus Substitution
    • Properties of Sequences
    • Sequences in Mappings
    User Functions
    • Introduction to User Functions
    • Creating User Functions
    • Properties
    • Syntax and Implementations
    Package Design
    • Introduction to Package Steps
    • Types
    • Procedure Steps
    • Controlling Execution
    SOA Integration
    • Introduction to Open
    • Installing Open Tools
    • Using and Developing Open Tools
    • Data Services




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