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    Fusion Middleware Courses
    Oracle Identity and Access Manager (Admin & Impl)
    Software Version Product Suite 10.1.4
    Course Duration 5 days or 40 Hours Approx.
    Course Type Class Room and On-Line (E-Learning) Instructor-Led Hands-On Training
    Course Overview

    This course covers the concepts Oracle Identity and Access Management product suite, build Oracle Identity Manager connectors, using Design console, Identity Manager Administration, Customizations, Managing Users and user entities, Workflow and Reporting concepts

    Intended Audience for this course This course is designed for those who have technical background, knowledge with any computer language, Developers, DBAs, IT management and Staff, Business Analysts, Technical Managers and Consultants, Students and also those who want to become Oracle Applications Consultants.
    Course Topics
    • Course overview
    • Identity Management and its benefits
    • Functional aspects of Identity Management
    • Introduction to Oracle Identity and Access Management suite
    • Mapping the identity and access functionalities with Oracle Identity and Access Management components
    Understanding Oracle Identity Manager
    • Identify the suite of Oracle Identity and Access Management products
    • Business Challenges and Solutions that Oracle Identity Manager addresses
    • Components of the Oracle Identity Manager architecture
    • Managing reconciliation and provisioning
    • Connector provisioning and reconciliation actions
    Understanding Oracle Access Manager
    • Oracle Access Manager Overview
    • Query Builder
    • Access System Architecture
    • Access System Operation
    • Overview of Authentication and Authorization Plug-Ins
    • Other features of Oracle Access Manager
    Installing and Configuring Oracle Identity Manager
    • Prepare a predefined database for Oracle Identity Manager
    • Install and deploy the Oracle Identity Manager Diagnostic Dashboard
    • Use the dashboard to test the Oracle Database installation
    • Install Oracle Identity Manager Server
    • Install the Oracle Identity Manager Design Console
    Installing Oracle Access Manager Identity System
    • Oracle Access Manager Installation Prerequisites
    • Steps for Installing Identity System
    • Installing Identity Server
    • Installing WebPass
    • Setting Up Identity System
    Managing Users and User Entities
    • Oracle Identity Manager users: system administrators, Oracle Identity Manager connector administrators, and end users
    • User membership in organizations and user groups
    • Organizations and user groups
    • Assign an Oracle Identity Manager user to a user group
    • View and Modify Profiles
    • Change challenge questions and reset passwords
    • Oracle Identity Manager connector overview
    • Transfer connectors from one environment to another
    • Take advantage of the benefits and best practices of using connectors
    • List the connectors in the Oracle Identity Manager Connector Pack
    • Identify the Deployment Manager
    • Define approval processes and approval process tasks
    • Add an approval process and task to this workflow
    • Identify requests
    • Create a request to approve and provision a resource to a user
    • Define reconciliation
    • Types of reconciliation
    • Reconciliation events
    • Reconciliation workflow
    • Reconciliation classes, scheduled tasks, and reconciliation rules
    • Reports overview
    • Three types of reports that are available with Oracle Identity Manager
    • Discuss the custom reports that can be created by using a third-party tool
    • Exception reports handling
    • Create operational, historical, and exception reports
    Attestation Processes
    • Define attestation and attestation processes, including the fundamental components of an attestation process
    • Describe the types of users who analyze, create, and manage attestation processes
    • Identify the types of data to be attested
    • Discuss an attestation process schedule
    • Explain an attestation process workflow from beginning to end
    • Configure your Oracle Identity Manager environment to manage attestation processes
    • Create an attestation process with the Administrative and User Console
    • Identify customization levels for the Administrative and User Console
    • Configure Oracle Identity Manager to modify this console
    • Modify the console “look and feel” to brand it for your company
    • Change console functionality without modifying Oracle Identity Manager code
    Customizations Using Java APIs
    • Identify an application programming interface (API)
    • Advantages of using Oracle Identity Manager APIs
    • Types of Oracle Identity Manager APIs: utility classes, factory classes, and result set interfaces
    • Capabilities of a connector
    • Lookup fields and user-defined fields




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