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    Fusion Middleware Courses
    SOA Suite (BPEL, ESB, WSM, Server Admin)
    Software Version 10g (10.1.3)
    Course Duration 5 days or 40 Hours Approx.
    Course Type Class Room and On-Line (E-Learning) Instructor-Led Hands-On Training
    Course Overview

    This course covers the concepts of Oracle Service Oriented Architecture; implementation of SOA based applications that incorporate ESB, business process integration using BPEL and Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM). This course also covers BPEL standards for end-to-end process flow, transform data using BPEL adapters and ESB services, Secure transactions using OWSM and deploy and test BPEL processes.

    Intended Audience for this course This course is designed for those who have technical background, knowledge with any computer language, Java, J2EE, XML, .NET Developers, Apps Developers, IT management and staff, Business Analysts, Sales Consultants, Technical Consultants, Students and also those who want to become Oracle Applications Consultants.
    Course Topics
    SOA Course Overview
    • Course Objectives and Course Environment
    • SOA Architecture and Standards
    • Oracle ESB Architecture
    • Overview of XML, XSD, XPath, XSLT Overview
    • Introduction to SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
    • Services with BPEL
    • Business Rules and Decision Services
    • Oracle Web Services Manager
    • Life Cycle SOA Applications
    Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 10g
    • Oracle BPEL Process Designer Overview
    • Orchestrating services with BPEL
    • Oracle SOA Development Tools
    • Parallel Processing and Conditional Branching
    • Implementing Human Workflow in BPEL
    • ESP - BPEL Integration
    • Oracle Web Services Manager
    • Managing Oracle SOA Suite 10g
    Web Services with SOA
    • ntroduction to Web Services Architecture
    • Developing Web Services by Using the Top-Down Approach
    • Developing Web Services by Using Oracle JDeveloper 10g
    • Introduction to XML Schema
    • Introduction to WSDL
    • Deploying and Testing a Java Web Service
    • Implementing Web Services in Oracle Application Server
    Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Overview
    • Enterprise Service Bus Architecture Overview
    • Benefits of ESB
    • Developing the Enterprise Service Bus
    • Routing Services and Rules
    • XSLT Data Mapper and Transformations
    • Creating an ESB Project in JDeveloper
    • Managing Transactions with ESB Adapters
    BPEL Process Overview
    • Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) Overview
    • Oracle BPEL Process Designer Overview
    • Designing the BPEL Process and Orchestrating with BPEL Activities
    • Describing the Assign Activity
    • Deploying the BPEL Process and Executing a BPEL Process
    Orchestrating Services with BPEL
    • Orchestrating Services Through BPEL
    • Developing a BPEL Process
    • Creating a BPEL Process Project
    • User-Defined XML Schema
    • Examining the BPEL Process XML Source Structure
    • BPEL activities and exploring process orchestration
    • Integrating Rules with a BPEL Process
    • Creating a PartnerLink
    • Oracle Business Rules and Decision Service
    • Exchanging Message Data with a Service
    • BPEL Processing Activities in Parallel
    • BPEL Deployment Descriptor Properties
    • Deploying and testing a BPEL Process
    Integrating Services with Adapters
    • Adapter Services Overview
    • Describing the Adapter Framework
    • Adapter Types
    • Technology, Application, Legacy, and Custom Adapters
    • Creating and Configuring a File Adapter in BPEL and ESB
    • Invoking a Database Adapter from BPEL
    • Configuring the Database Adapter
    • Creating a PartnerLink for an Adapter
    • Services through ESB Adapters
    Transforming Data in ESB and BPEL
    • Transformation Services in BPEL and ESB
    • Transformation using XSLT Mapper
    • Transformation to XML data
    • Routing Rules in ESB
    • Synchronous or Asynchronous Execution
    • Adding Transformation to an ESB Service
    • Dictionary and Report Generation
    Exception Handling in ESB and BPEL
    • Testing an ESB Service
    • Error Handling in ESB
    • Viewing Application Logs in ESB
    • Import and Export Utilities in ESB
    • Managing ESB Metadata Server and ESB Runtime Server
    • Reviewing the Scope Activity
    • Exceptions in BPEL
    • Compensation in Transactions
    • Monitoring BPEL Processes with Sensors
    Implementing Human Workflow and Java in BPEL
    • Workflow Services in Oracle BPEL
    • Creating a Human Task in BPEL
    • Working with Notification Services
    • Invoking a BPEL Process from Java
    • Invoking a BPEL Process from JSP
    • Executing Java Code in a BPEL Process
    • Web Services Invocation Framework
    • Embedding Java Code in BPEL
    Securing BPEL and ESB Services with Oracle WSM
    • Oracle WSM Component Architecture Overview
    • Gateway and Server Agent
    • Policy Management in Oracle WSM
    • Securing a BPEL Process in Oracle WSM
    • Invoking a Secured Service from BPEL
    • Deploying and Testing the BPEL Process
    • Invoking a Secured Web Service from ESB
    Monitoring and Reporting Web Services by Using Oracle WSM
    • Web Services Security Overview
    • Oracle WSM Monitor Architecture
    • Viewing the Message Logs
    • Creating and Executing Custom Views
    • Creating and Processing Rule
    • Managing the Operational Environment
    • Monitoring System Performance


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